Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Majorcan gems

Exit from Palma is via a little street running then onto reservation.

The stock is all original from the early 20th century - with wood much in evidence.

Rainy Soller station - the tramway is to the right.

The tram near Soller station.

A real gem on Majorca is the Palma-Soller railway, which we visited last Thursday.

It's a three foot gauge line that starts from a charming station right in the heart of Palma, then using a little street running and reservation passes through some rather shabby bits of town before heading into the mountains through orange, lemon and olive groves and then reaches the mountain town of Soller. From Soller there is a 4km tramway down to the port, which we didn't have time to visit, but I did get a few shots of the tram running down the narrow streets.

Although the whole set-up is charming and original, it is a very busy line with over a million visitors every year!

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