Thursday, 12 April 2007

still in rainy Austria ...

As a bit of a remedy to the Thorlerbahn video, this is a video of the Mixnitz-St Erhard line, which is still with us!

Thorlerbahn - a recently closed Austrain NG line

Unusually this Austrian narrow gauge line closed as recently as 1999, and has now been lifted. From the video it looks like it took a typically scenic route. Excuse the translation - the original website is in French. You may find the original easier to understand!

Holyhead Breakwater Railway

The Holyhead Breakwater Railway was unique in that it was an industrial line owned and operated by British Rail - and was totally separate from the rest of the network.

There is now a society which aims to restore part of this line.


A Youtube offering showing the recreation of the famous double departure on this narrow gauge network in north eastern Austria.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

secret line in Cornwall, UK

The Padstow Cliff Railway is a private line used to transport lifeboatmen down the cliff to the lifeboat station at Mother Ivey's Bay. At just 32 metres long it must be one of the shortest - and steepest - lines in the country!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Polish narrow gauge

This is a video of a 2005 trip along the Bieszczadzka Kolej Leśna line.

a rural german tramway

I've not visited this line yet but I certainly plan to! It runs from Bad Schandau in the former East Germany along rural roads through the Kirnitzschtal in Saxon Switzerland.